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My Hip Labral Tear Journey, Entry Three

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The Surgery

The Morning of Surgery

Have you ever had a surgery? If so, what kind? Were you nervous? How did you calm your nerves?

This wasn’t my first surgery, but I found myself nervous, even though I felt peaceful, knowing God was with me. I also felt excited surgery day had finally come and my painful hip would be repaired! So, I started the morning off with an extra-long prayer, especially since I couldn’t have coffee. 😉


I checked in to Methodist McKinney Hospital bright and early Tuesday morning, May 16th. The cheerful and efficient staff sure were hopping! Veronica in Pre-Op presented my calf-length, light blue surgical gown, complete with Velcro’d slits and ties all over it. It was a nice, thick fabric, and yes, I had to remove everything under the gown. 😁 She also gave me a white compression stocking for the non-surgical leg, and soft, thick, coordinating light blue socks with anti-slip clingies on the bottom. She settled me into the narrow, hospital bed, also with coordinating blue blend sheets, inserted my IV, and took extra time to gently calm my fears. Surprisingly, she got my IV in on the first try—oh glory hallelujah! This is unusual for me, as I have been in the sun my whole life, consequently toughening my skin, even with gobs of oil and lotion 24/7. (Take note my fellow ☀️ worshipers, sunbathing toughens your skin, no matter how much moisturizer you faithfully slather on. 😥)

Once I was all ready, my anesthesiologist, Dr Hoye, came in for pre-surgery assessment. He joked with me, putting me at ease, offering for me to think of Chips Ahoy cookies, to remember his name. I loved this and quickly dubbed him “Dr Chips Ahoy.” Because I’m an anesthesia lightweight, he agreed to forego the relaxing pre-shot he normally gives patients before surgery. Yay!

Dr Brian Snow, my orthopedic surgeon, came in, smiling and confident. I really like this guy. He stood next to my gurney, did his assessment, answering all my questions, putting me right at ease. He then wrote the essential “Yes” on my right hip. This was to make certain they fix the correct hip. 😄

Dr Snow and Dr Chips Ahoy tête-à-tête’d in the hallway, and the nurses came in and wheeled me out. Here we go! 😬

The Operating Room

Because I forewent the pre-shot, I was fully awake as they wheeled me into the operating room. Wow, what a fantastic room full of massive, technical equipment! My eyes couldn’t take it all in! Oh, how I wanted to ask what each piece was and what it was used for. And was it ever cold! Shiverrsssss! The staff were busy little bees, though, and preparations commenced immediately.

They wheeled my cot next to the surgical gurney and transferred me over. Standing at the head of the gurney, Dr Chips Ahoy chose that moment to tell me he’d be placing a breathing tube (down my throat) once I was asleep, and anesthesia would be administered through the tube. Oh yes, I freaked out! Dear Lord, I was so scared of having a tube down my throat and not being able to breathe. I once had woken up during an endoscopy, the scope still down my throat, and will always remember the choking feeling.

However, my awesome Dr Chips Ahoy gently explained why it was good to have one, and that he wouldn’t insert it until I was asleep. He showed me the oxygen mask, explaining he would put me to sleep first with it. He looked right into my eyes as he prepared to place it on my face, pausing to say, “You have some pretty blue eyes!” Well, that made me laugh and relax some, so I figured I’d better concede, and let him do the anesthesia the way he wanted. He seemed like a good guy.

Sleepy-Bye Time

While the room was a hive of activity and soft chatter, Dr Chips Ahoy placed the mask over my mouth and nose, instructing me to breathe in deeply, stating that I should feel sleepy in a few seconds. He was correct! I breathed in deeply a few times, felt woozy and said, “Okay, here I go – I feel it!” They laughed, and I closed my eyes and went right out!

Are you facing the possibility of surgery, or a medical procedure? Or maybe an uncomfortable event in your life? Try to remember that God is always with you, and when you ask him, he will go before you and prepare the way. His beautiful Word says, in the scripture above, that he will be with you and will not leave you. And you can count on that!

Let's pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, thank you for your beautiful Word that promises me you are with me. Thank you for taking care of things and preparing the way for me. Please fill me with your perfect calm and peace, and help me to feel your presence surrounding me. I love you, God, and I need you. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.


Stay tuned for Journal Entry 4, the actual surgery. 🤕

Love and blessings, Mindy 💗

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