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Sharing a little hope and a lot of grace

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I am honored to be part of WordGirls, and this Collective book series.

*We have just added a new book to our collection, Sage, Salt & Sunshine: Women Inspiring Women with Insight, Truth, Light & Joy.


WordGirls is a special sisterhood of writing support for women writing from a biblical worldview (whether for the faith market or general market). We have bloggers, article writers, devotional writers, novelists, nonfiction book authors, etc. From want-to-be a writer to the multi-published experienced professional, we help each writer get to the next step of her writing journey. We are a group of fun female believers serious about writing!

About WordGirls


Sage, Salt & Sunshine


Introducing forty-eight life shapers and difference makers, and the traits that make them extraordinary women.

Sage, Salt & Sunshine features first-person stories about women who made a difference in this world. Allow the storytelling narratives and scenes to sweep you up into the lives of these exceptional women. Together we can figure out this life thing much better than trying to go it alone.

Who are our spiritual mothers? They are the ones who spent time with us when it wasn’t convenient. Their lives patterned the life of Christ to us in a way we could emulate and pass on to the next generation. They didn’t get everything right, but they showed love when we needed it most. They helped us fall in love with Jesus and made the Bible come alive to us. They not only helped us to grow spiritually, but they showed us practical, everyday ways of living life.

“Our prayer is that Sage, Salt & Sunshine will motivate you to show gratitude to your spiritual mother and inspire you to be a life-changing influence on other women watching you.”–Kathy Carlton Willis, founder of WordGirls


​Live & Learn


When we say, “Well, live and learn!” we think of surprising outcomes.

You’ll relate to these essays if you’re tired of figuring out God’s guidance the hard way. Live & Learn features first-person stories about unexpected lessons from twenty-seven WordGirls. God uses big and small circumstances for monumental life-transforming moments. Even the insignificant can make a big impact when we pay attention.

The expression live and learn has been passed down through time to mean we often grasp life best by experience.

Some of us catch on the hard way or take multiple times to comprehend and apply this sort of training.

You will find these essays to be a balance of funny and serious, dialogue and narration, weighty and light.

“Our prayer is that Live & Learn will help you have your own studies in God’s classroom. Be on the lookout. It just might happen when you least expect it!”

–Kathy Carlton Willis, WordGirls founder

​Snapshots of Hope & Heart


When we hear the word snapshots . . .  we think moments.

In this WordGirls collective, we researched what God’s Word says about the topics of hope and heart. Snapshots of Hope & Heart includes 84 devotions written by 34 WordGirls. The authors inserted stories, much like snapshots, to help us capture a true-to-life inspirational insight fitting for the daily Scripture. We hope the takeaways will stick with you throughout the day, similar to the memory of a snapshot long after you’ve tucked it away.


Enjoy taking a moment with God as you read this devotional. Take your own snapshots as you look through our album of hope and heart.


“Our prayer is that these words will deliver word pictures of hope and heart to save to your mind’s photo album. In that frame of reference, the Bible is the faith family album deserving to be passed down through the generations.”

–Kathy Carlton Willis, founder of WordGirls


Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom


Seeking special time with God each day?


Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom is here to be your guide. In each devotion look for a concept you can refer back to in your thoughts as you go about your day. The stories will give you some grins, some grace and some grit to help you through the struggles you face as well as help you celebrate moments of victory. This three-month devotional is divided into five relevant sections. Feel free to read it straight through or choose what you need that day.


Our sections feature:

  • Worship & Prayer

  • Humor

  • Family

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Women’s Issues


Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom is the first WordGirls devotional, designed to use God’s Word and the words of WordGirls to help you fall in love even more with the Word made flesh—Jesus.


"Our desire is for you to find nuggets within these pages that make you think, inspire you to worship, and even give you a few laughs along the way."

­–Kathy Carlton Willis, Founder of WordGirls

*Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom includes my award-winning devotion

 “Delight of My Heart,” for Best Worship & Prayer Devotion

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