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Bible Studies I Love

Here you will find Bible Study books and compilations

that I have read and/or led ladies’ groups through, and

highly recommend. I don’t receive compensation for these recommendations, however, I strongly believe in the power of studying who God is and drawing closer to him. Our lives are far richer, calmer, and more peaceful when we love him and are more in tune with him and his ways. His hope and grace are everything!

These studies are easily done and greatly satisfactory individually, however, what fun to join a group of ladies and share the study experience. I can tell you from my own experience that doing life together with a group of ladies you get to know, is so much fun and goes a long way in helping us through our days - whether tough days, emotional days, or joy-filled! Look on your church or community website for ladies group information. Or contact me and I'd be happy to help you find a group near you. 💗


Click on the pictures for more information about each study. I'll be adding new studies as I read and recommend them.

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