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About WordGirls

In 2014, Kathy Carlton Willis had a brainchild to start a group to coach fun, faith-filled women who were serious about the writing life. She had served on faculty at national writer’s conferences and realized attendees remained stuck in the writing process. They returned year after year with their projects showing little progress. Writers were often overwhelmed by the conference material and didn’t know how to apply it to their writing lives. They needed a group to keep them accountable and a coach to help them figure out their next steps.


WordGirls is a special sisterhood of writing support for women who write from a biblical worldview (whether for the faith market or general market). We propel writers to the next level—regardless of where they are today.


Here’s an overview of our exclusive WordGirls benefits:

  1. Once-per-year, one-hour phone coaching to personalize your advancement as a writer and/or speaker.

  2. Private Facebook group to interact, brainstorm, pray for each other, share ideas, ask questions, etc.

  3. Monthly topics to help you grow as a writer. To enhance your learning, the topics will be covered through Facebook group discussions and Zoom live sessions (recorded for you to watch later if you can’t make it live).

  4. Downloadable PDFs offer extra training in the form of tutorials.

  5. Weekly study hall. We designate a two-hour period to work on projects we call our B.I.C. time (butt in chair). Study hall provides added accountability.

  6. Periodic challenges. Some challenges are month-long, and others last a season. These challenges will stretch you without overwhelming you. They are guaranteed to increase productivity if you participate. (Participation is not required to be a member.)

  7. Digital membership badge to post on your website or social media page.

  8. Reduced rates for events and for-fee materials. We have online retreats and WordGirls@Home intensives. We offer WordGirls Getaways as circumstances allow.

  9. Opportunity to submit writing for our WordGirls publications.

  10. Additional services when you hire our coach for a reduced hourly rate.

  11. To keep the group intimate, we grant a limited number of memberships. We only have open enrollment twice per year: in January (for a February to January membership period) and in July (for an August to July membership period). You’ll find a registration form at


If you have questions, email

We also open up the online and in-person retreats to non-members, so keep an eye on the website for details of upcoming events.

Click to Apply to WordGirls:

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