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Just Stomp In This - and stomp out anxiety

How do you find calm and peace when anxiety threatens? Try this:

Stop what you are doing. Stop your thought process. Halt those anxious thoughts for a moment.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, slowly in-taking through your nose, then slowly blowing each breath out your mouth. One . . two . . . three.

Now, direct your mind to think about the calm and peace that flows through Heaven. Imagine the exquisite beauty that reigns throughout. Picture yourself standing in the middle of a beautiful, peaceful garden in the middle of glorious Heaven. Look around at all that heavenly color and hear the sounds of joy! You know, there is no stress in Heaven, only beautiful peace, joy, calm, and love. Now, imagine that peace, joy, and calm. Feel the love. It's all around you there!

Picture that lovely peace, joy, and calm forming into little droplets, then becoming a softly flowing rain. Now picture that softly flowing rain filled with love, peace, joy, and calm, flowing down to earth from Heaven. Feel this peaceful rain touch the top of your head, anointing it with peace. Then feel it flow down your head, your arms, your body, caressing you and puddling underneath your feet. Feel this anointing rain surround you, washing all anxiety away.

Now, let this tranquil rain fill your mind and heart in a healing bath of calm and serene beauty, scrubbing and washing away all those anxious thoughts and restoring a cleansing serenity to your mind. Woohoo! Feel that serenity flow through your whole being—mind, body, and soul!

Carry this serenity with you now. Walk in it.

Just joyfully stomp all around in the puddle of it!

Let it splash all over you anytime you need it! It will always be there for you.

Love and blessings to you,

Mindy 💗

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