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Chosen, Wanted, Loved

I just have to say, God is so amazing and great and good! Woohoo!

Have you ever felt that way, from top to bottom, inside and out, through and through - that God is so amazing, you just want to shout it out to the sky? Well, go ahead - shout it out to me! Tell me all about it 😄

Well, this morning God is speaking so profoundly to my heart. He is assuring me that this humble girl is designed, loved, wanted, and forever chosen, with the greatest Love Story ever written. And he's speaking purpose right into my spirit. He's placing the words and plans into my mind that I need to get made for an event coming up that I wasn't sure about.

Oh yes, God you are so good! I know the Bible says I am created with purpose, but this morning I really feel it! I believe it, deeply into my soul.

Do you know that you are created with divine purpose? Did you know that you are chosen, wanted and loved for all time? You ARE! God will, and is, speaking that truth and purpose into me, and he will speak it into you too. We have only to listen, take his hand, and follow what he is impressing upon us.

Lead on, my God! My hand is in yours, my heart and ear are tuned to your voice. Your purpose is my purpose. You are my God and I am your people!

Let's pray together,

Dear God,

Thank you for designing me with great purpose in your Kingdom. Thank you for wanting me, choosing me, and loving me, forever. No matter what.

Please help me keep holding onto you, with my heart and my ear tuned in to recognize your voice, by reading your Word and talking to you. Speak your purpose into me and lead me in the way I should walk. Help me be sure and confident that you are with me and leading me, every step of the way.

I love you God! You are so good!


Love & blessings,

Mindy 💗

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