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The Designer's Heart

Updated: Mar 5

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)

Do you sometimes upon meeting people, struggle with assessing their clothes, hair, makeup, etc? We know we aren't supposed to do this - to judge others this way, even in our minds - yet we sometimes do, don't we? I know, it's hard not to, especially with today's pressure to "keep up" with everything. I get it, because I confess, I too, struggle with this!

Here is a story of one of my struggle times, and how God changed my heart. You can find this story and others, in the inspirational WordGirls Collective book, "Snapshots of Hope & Heart."

The Designer's Heart

Remember that time when you desired something so deeply, your whole heart ached for it? For me, that heart-achy time of yearning revolved around gorgeous, cutting edge fashion.

My whole being longed to be able to dress in haute couture style every day. I spent every free moment pouring over Elle, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan magazines, devouring the tiniest details. Each unique button, gold zipper, metallic thread, padded shoulder, and wonky heel set my soul aflame! I scoured name-brand discount stores, spending every spare penny, that I might flourish these same scorching details.

The compliments I received on my appearance boosted my self-confidence. I prided myself for my high style, on a low budget. I was happy, having reached my dream, my heart’s desire of being fashionable and pretty.

Then God showed me my attitude—my heart attitude. I had succeeded in dressing myself in fine fashion but had begun to quietly judge those who didn’t. It seemed all I noticed was what someone was wearing, if their hair and makeup were styled, if their shoes and handbag were trendy, and if their accessories were just right. Much of the time, I would miss what someone said because I was too busy dissecting how they looked.

Deep in my spirit it hurts to admit that I traded the honorable details of God’s spiritual fruit within me for pride and designer labels. One day I caught myself in harsh thinking of a beloved friend because of what she was wearing. I rushed to the ladies’ room in tears. I confessed to God my haughty attitude and asked him to help me change. And you know what? He did.

I will admit some days remain a struggle. I still notice what everyone is wearing. However, the difference now is that I cover my thoughts with God’s love. Daily, I fill my heart with what really matters—God’s Word. My mind’s judgments are transformed. Now, with God’s love inside me, the physical imperfections fade, and the unique beauty God placed within each person becomes radiantly clear. My redesigned heart is now truly happy, for there are no character details more haute couture than the characteristics of God!

Are you in need of a heart redesign today? May I recommend you take it to God—the kindest and most fashionable designer of all.


Dear God, I confess again and again, my need for your perfect love to transform my wayward thoughts. Please fill my heart with your fruit of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. May they redesign and determine the good course of my life.

Have a gorgeous Designer's Heart makeover 💗

Then rejoice and celebrate your Grand Design, singing and worshiping with the moving song below! God, we love you, our Grand Designer 💜

Love and blessings,

Mindy 🩷

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