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by Lysa TerKeurst

First, I cannot say enough good things about the Uninvited book and companion Bible Study.

•    You will get out of Uninvited what you put into it. It can be deeply, emotionally, healing if you dig in and thoughtfully read and answer the questions Lysa presents to you. You may be surprised at what healing God draws you through if you are willing.
•    The Uninvited book can be a stand-alone read or used in addition to the Uninvited DVD and/or Uninvited Study Guide.
•    Each of these can be read/studied individually or with a group.
•    The DVD and companion Study Guide is written for a six-session Bible study, though you may want to devote more time to each session. My groups tended to take two weeks per session, to fully process their reflection and conclusion.
•    The DVD’s six sessions are set in the Holy Land as Lysa takes you through a visual journey, to experience Scripture like you never have before.
•    Each teaching is presented in a unique location that will speak to the most sacred parts of your soul.

I initially read the Uninvited Book as prep for leading my island ladies’ group through the Study. I was traveling from the United States, back to Kwajalein, where we lived, and cried the entire second 8-hr flight as God did a work in my heart through something Lysa said in the book. In the days following, I realized God was drawing me through heart healing  from the lingering, subconscious feelings of betrayal and distrust of him and fear of the future resulting from the loss of my 9-yr old son many years previously. I had struggled deeply and grievously with this fear for some years, even though the shatteredness of my grief had healed. Inconceivably, my heart was now becoming free!

As a result, I no longer clung to my daughter in fear of losing her too. This was profound. My newfound freedom was also restorative to my daughter, as she felt she no longer had to tailor her life to my grief. She was now free to live out her own life and dreams.

I have led 4 ladies’ groups through this study, and each time lives were changed, deep wounds healed. Those who didn’t do the daily reading and personal studies were less likely to receive weighty benefit, yet thought the study very good.

Bottom line – I highly recommend this transformational study for individuals, or for groups who have become comfortable with group intimacy. 5 big 💜, out of 5 💜

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