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My Hip Labral Tear Journey, Entry Four

The Surgery

Actual Surgery

We closed Journal Entry 3 in the O.R. with Dr Chips Ahoy sending me off to blissful sleep, probably dreaming of chocolate chip cookies! Another round of busy activity ensued.

My body and legs were strategically positioned for easiest access to my right hip labrum. Lying face upward, my sock-clad feet were placed into thickly padded booties and put in traction, with my surgical leg turned slightly inward to open up the hip. Surgical drapes were placed across my body, leaving the surgical leg exposed. My left arm, with the IV line, was placed outward on a cushioned table extension, and my right arm brought across my chest and secured in between cushioned drapes. Precise adjustments were made, and arthroscopic surgery began!

Scope inserted into my hip joint.

During a typical hip arthroscopic surgery, a couple of small incisions are made into the hip, directly above the labrum area, in which a small camera and surgical instruments are inserted. This enables the surgeon to see into the hip, assessing what damage and irregularities are present in the hip and labrum area, allowing him to diagnose and repair them.

Shaving and smoothing out the bone

During my hip arthroscopic surgery, Dr Snow diagnosed wear and tear damage, rough bone surface, as well as ragged and torn labrum tissue. He used a special tool to shave the roughened-up bone, making it smooth so it would function properly, without the pain I’d been having.

Using another tool, Dr Snow inserted anchors with sutures attached, into the bone. He used the attached sutures to pull the torn labrum back together, then looped the sutures around the torn labrum, securing it back down to the bone.

Now, the hip joint is smooth and ready to heal. I was fitted with a (huge) hip brace around my waist, hip, and leg, and taken to Recovery. Time to put away those chocolate chip cookies and wake up!

Dear God,

Thank you so much for instilling your medical knowledge and skill into Dr. Snow, Dr. Hoye, and their staff. Thank you for my husband who works so hard to provide for me, and to have the privilege of good health care so that my body can be repaired and heal, and become normal once more. Thank you for your love and providence over me. Please guide my healing and help me become healthy again quickly so I can resume the ministries you have given me.

I love you.


Stay tuned for Journal Entry 5, Recovery!

Love and blessings,

Mindy 💗

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