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Printable Bookmarks

This sheet of bookmarks is a PDF document and easily printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper or cardstock, from most any printer. I have created these bookmarks to be two-sided, and you can choose to print only the front of bookmark, or front and back. Page 2 is the back of the bookmark.
•    To print both sides (on one sheet of paper), if your printer asks you in two-sided print settings, choose short edge binding, NOT long edge, as this file is set up in landscape, NOT portrait.
•    If your printer does not print two-sided: After Page 1 prints, simply turn paper over and re-insert into your printer and then print Page 2.

You will note a few details:
•    Lines to guide your cutting when separating the bookmarks. Feel free to cut the bookmarks into your own preferred size though 💗
o    Tip: If you have a paper cutter, it sure makes cutting these faster!
•    There is a small, light, yellow box at the top center of each bookmark that you can cut out and insert your own ribbon, if you like, to make your bookmark a little fancier 😄
o    Tip: If you are laminating your bookmarks, cut out your bookmarks to the shape and size you wish before you laminate them. You want clear laminating tape all around each bookmark. Also, don’t cut the ribbon holes out until after laminating. I used a hole punch to cut mine out – so much easier!

I like to laminate my printed bookmarks to make them longer lasting. Places such as Walmart, Target, and any office supply store have packages of laminating sheets that are simple to use.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to see a picture of your finished bookmarks – for an example, here are mine before I slightly updated them 💓

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