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Hi! Welcome to my little drop of passion, fun, and holy ground! I am so glad you’re here. If you’re a hugger, imagine my arms wrapped about your shoulders in a nice, big, welcome hug. If you’re not a hugger, know that I am looking deeply into your eyes, as I greet you warmly with all my heart.
Shall we chat? 
I’m Mindy. Happy. Goofy. Emotional. Love to talk. Love to listen. Love to smile. I am a “fixer” by nature, always loving the wounded, lonely, outcast, unsure, insecure person, place, or thing. As well as the vibrant, social, giddy, party person, place, or thing. I love to be social, and I guess I just plain love people! And I love lovin’ on people. That’s what God has called me to do. Why? Well, read on…

I grew up in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, the second of five kids, to parents who loved us a lot. Unfortunately, due to my dad’s emotional war wounds, their marriage dissolved when I was eight, and until age sixteen,
my dad was a sporadic part of my life.
My mom struggled to feed, clothe, and shelter us while she worked, attended school, and earned her nursing degree. We had little besides each other. She loved us all very much and worked so hard, yet we interacted with her far less than we needed. I floundered, missing the emotional connection a young, sensitive girl needs from her mother and father. I fell prey to dishonorable intentions of those around me. I found acceptance with the wrong crowd at school and began a spiral of drugs and drinking to mask the hurt in my heart. At sixteen, ran away from home with a friend to escape my abusive stepfather, spending the summer living on the streets between Ohio and California. Though I did not know him yet, God was with me, and that summer changed my life forever.

Sharing a little hope and a lot of grace


Mindy Cantrell








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